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We look forward to serving you best and partner with you for a lasting 'health' relationship.

We’ve combined a new kind of doctor’s experience that blends the highest level of lab diagnosis with exceptional services

Jowa Health Specialized Labs

Jowa Health Specialized Laboratory(JHSL) is an innovative healthcare facility that provides specialized medical laboratory and imaging services to all individuals, health facilities, corporate companies, the oil & gas sector and all industries.
We take pride in the wide menu and quality of diagnostic facilities, capable of performing over 1500 tests in-house. Jowa Health Specialized Laboratory offers complete range of diagnostic facilities in Radiology (X-Ray Imaging), Sonography (Ultrasound Imaging) and high end Pathology.
We are fully accredited by Ministry of Health and Uganda National Expanded Program on Immunization (UNEPI) to conduct Yellow fever vaccination to the general population including travelers.
Doctor Consultation services are also available.
From the beginning, Jowa Health Specialized Laboratory was aware of the importance of timely results and offered home collection services to our clients and courier services to our partner laboratories. This off-site service is an extension of our quality services to our client’s homes, offices, camps, outreaches, among others, at their convenience.

Jowa Health Specialised Labs - Biochemistry
Jowa Health Specialised Labs - Microbiology

Our Values

Clients First

The client has and will always be the king in our medical practice. Our clients are our most priced asset and shall always be at the center of our services.


Our lips remain sealed and we will always uphold the medical professionals’ ethics of keeping client information as safe as possible.


We remain a trusted partner to our clients and value the importance of honesty, not only to the patients, but also our experts. Patients have enough stress already and we do everything possible to share those.


We are experts of complete moral integrity. We uphold the medical professional code of conduct in our daily practice.


We are together with you in this. Whether it is in the middle of the night, or during your busy office schedules, we will provide our laboratory services and in the same quality.

Mission, Vision

To be Uganda’s number one client-centric modern diagnostic and research laboratory.
We exist to provide innovative, timely, and quality medical diagnostic laboratory services to all people.
Why Choose Us

JHSL offers drive through COVID-19 testing, for those who qualify, at our central lab, located at Grace Musoke Road, Ring Close, Bukoto Kampala City.


Open 24/7.
Error free results
Our results are double – checked and verified before final issue to our client.
Competitive prices

Our prices are based on cost-per-test only and only a minimal profit.

Excellent customer service

Interests of our client come first. Our staff are well motivated and trained to handle clients of different caliber including the paediatrics.

Best turn-around time.
We offer the fastest turn-around-time because of the high level technology employed coupled with the highly skilled personnel handling the equipment and service.
Great team of qualified young lab professionals
We have a conglomeration of multi-talented and versatile group of young professionals with a wealth of experience in different Laboratory departments of Microbiology, Molecular, Biochemistry and Immunology, Haematology, Histopathology, Phlebotomy and sample collection, among others.
Dedicated sample collection courier services
We have standby mobile services able to do sample pick-up or results distribution at any time of the day or even night.

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We look forward to serving you best and partner with you for a lasting 'health' relationship.

Quick Facts
  • 2009 by Dr. Judith Oboma.
Global Employees:
  • 20 registered and Specialist
  • Grace Musoke Road, Ring Close, Bukoto
  • Morethan 2000 tests.
  • Jowa Health Specialized Labs are registered – Allied Health Professionals Council License.
  • COVID-19 Testing Accreditation


Why lab services?

Lab test results may offer the first clues to a major disease or provide information that confirms you are healthy. To run a lab test, a patient sample is needed. The sample may be blood, urine, or cells or tissue; it's different for each test. Once your sample is taken, trained technologists and specialists in our lab analyze it. Then, we send the test result to your doctor to help him or her make informed treatment decisions.

Why is testing Important?

Your test results can help establish your "baseline" for future monitoring and give you general information to help you better manage your health. Here are a few of the many reasons lab testing is recommended: Staying healthy: Tests often help expose risk factors - important information that can help you and your doctor target lifestyle changes to keep you well. Early detection: Changes in your health may only become noticeable over time. Testing can help you identify these potential health conditions early. In general, the earlier a developing condition is detected, the greater the likelihood that your doctor can treat it. Family history: If you have certain concerns due to your family history, lab tests can help monitor those conditions. Peace of mind: If you've made lifestyle changes to improve your health, testing can show how successful your efforts have been.

How can i prepare before going for my first test ?

When preparing for a lab test, be sure to follow your doctor's instructions. In addition to following that guidance, it is important to: Continue to take any medication as prescribed Wear sleeves that roll up easily if you are taking a blood test Be prepared to provide a urine sample Fast (if you are having a blood test), which means that you should not consume anything but water, plain tea without milk or sugar, or black coffee Drink plenty of water

Our Specialists

Judith Oboma - Jowa Health Specialised Labs

Judith Oboma

CEO & Managing Director

Senior Biomedical Laboratory Technologist

Razzaq Sulaiman

Senior Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer

Razzaq Sulaiman

Chief of Operations
Jackline Biira

Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer

Jackline Biira

Laboratory Manager
Bwambale Jocknus

Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer

Bwambale Jocknus

Quality Manager
Immaculate Atim

Biomedical Laboratory Technologist

Immaculate Atim

Biosafety Officer